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Distraction When Driving: Kansas City’s Comprehensive Guide to Legal Remedies

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Kansas City’s Expert Legal Solution to Driver Distraction Accidents

Is it illegal to text and drive in Missouri? In this article, you will learn about the different types of distracted driving and how you can reduce the risks that come with it. You will also learn what kind of fair compensation you can claim if you have met an unfortunate traffic accident due to distracted drivers in Kansas City. Moreover, this article also answers queries like is texting and driving illegal in Missouri, can you text and drive in Missouri, or is it illegal to facetime while driving? Have you been injured in a distracted driving accident in Kansas City, MO? Our experienced car accident lawyers can help protect your rights under Missouri texting and driving laws. You will need the expertise of our personal injury attorney to help you negotiate a settlement with the insurance company or file a personal injury lawsuit. 

What is distracted driving? 

Any activity that causes the driver to be distracted from the road falls under the category of distracted driving. It can be anything from driving the wheel with one hand to trying to multitask while driving. Mo traffic laws and Missouri cell phone driving laws do not allow the use of electronic devices while you are driving a car. There are different types of distracted driving.

There are four types of distracted driving; 

      • Manual distraction: It requires one or both hands of the driver off the steering wheel to perform a task. 
      • Visual distraction: Tasks that require the driver to look away from the road to obtain visual information. 
      • Auditory distraction: Voice and sound distraction that takes the driver’s attention off the road.
      • Cognitive distraction: Thinking about something else that is occupying the mind’s attention while driving the car.  

What steps can we take to minimize the hazards of distracted driving?

According to the statistics of 2020 by the United States Department of Transportation, 3142 people lost their precious lives to distracted driving. The Governor’s Highway Safety Association gives a guideline about traffic rules that can help you understand how to reduce the risks of distracted driving in Missouri, and has also put a helpful map about States that have banned cell phone use while driving.

Some of the precautions include; 

      • Avoid doing other tasks while driving. If you have to eat, reach for something, or do anything else, don’t do it while you’re still driving.
      • Avoid texting or taking a cell while you’re driving. Almost 56% of distracted driving accidents happen because of cell phone use. You should be aware of the cell phone driving laws by State in which you’re living because some States have the “no cell phone while driving” rule in their traffic and driving laws. 
      • Try getting dressed at home and not in your car.
      • If you feel you are emotionally or mentally exhausted and cannot focus on the road, you should not drive.
      • Don’t take any medication that causes sensory or auditory block before you drive. If you are on any such medicine, you should always ask someone else to drive you to your destination.
      • Never wear headphones or noise-cancellation instruments to your ears while you’re driving a car or any other vehicle. Also, try to keep the music low.

Damages and injuries caused by Kansas City distracted drivers

Distracted driving can cause minor as well as fatal accidents. The injuries that are commonly observed in the accidents that happen due to distracted drivers in Kansas City are; 

    • Bone fractures
    • Internal bleeding or organ rapture
    • Brain injury
    • Whiplash or muscle swelling
  • Spinal stenosis or spinal cord damage
  • Amputation of organ
  • Any other injury

Any person who got injuries because of another person’s distracted driving can claim damages as compensation from the personal injury court. Damages are awarded against any/all financial, physical, psychological, and mental losses suffered by the injured person. You will need an experienced personal injury attorney to get equitable and reasonable compensation for damages you have suffered.

What to do after a distracted driving accident?

First, you should get immediate medical help to mitigate the damage caused by the injuries. Focus on getting on your feet before you can do anything else. If you have suffered a temporary mobility issue, you can’t do much but focus on getting better as soon as possible. Once you have recovered enough from the medical situation, you can decide whether you want to pursue a civil lawsuit against the at-fault driver for personal injuries you have sustained from their distracted driving. Once you have decided you want to take legal action against the at-fault party, you will need the assistance of one of the car accident lawyers to analyze the merits of your case.

Why do you need a Kansas City distracted driving accident lawyer to help you?

The highways and roads of Kansas City are accident-prone because of an increase in traffic. Distracted drivers put everyone on the road at risk of an accident, and if you got injured by their distracted driving, you sue them in a personal injury court. The at-fault driver (defendant) will have to pay you compensation in damages in a personal injury lawsuit. That is when you will need a personal injury attorney or a distracted driving accident lawyer. An excellent distracted driving lawyer will help you through the negotiations with the insurance company on behalf of the defendant if they accept to pay the damages. Alternatively, you can bring a personal injury lawsuit if the negotiations with the insurance company fail, or a suit is a better option to get fair compensation.

Bottom Line

Distracted driving is dangerous for you and everyone else on the road. Try not to multitask while driving, and avoid using your cell phone. Many distracted drivers collide with other cars or trucks because they are using their cell phones. Distracted driving injuries can be minor as well as fatal, so you must be careful about traffic laws when driving. If you have suffered a distracted driving accident at another person’s fault, you can take the help of our Kansas City accident injury attorney

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