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Understanding Workers' Compensation for Knee Injuries

In the United States, knee injuries are the most common non-fatal workplace injuries. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics estimated approximately 3.5 million non-fatal workplace injuries happened in the last decade. Surely like other workplace injuries, how much compensation you get for a knee injury will depend on external factors and the company policy.

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Identifying Common Work-Related Knee Injuries

According to the statistics shown by the Emergency Department of the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, among the work-related cases of injury that result in a rest day of one day to a week, knee injury is the second most prevalent type of workplace injury. The statistics also help the studies in focusing on compensation data i.e. on how much compensation for knee injury at work is paid as a result of such injuries.

Some major types of knee injuries in the workplace are:

  1. Sprain or strain: It is usually a muscle pull, twist, or strain on a muscle tendon.
  2. Abrasion: Abrasion can be a small external damage to the skin tissue around the area covering the knee.
  3. Contusions: Bruises around the knee area due to a direct blow.
  4. Fractures: Breaking of knee bone or one of the bones forming the patellofemoral joint.
  5. Dislocation: Alignment of the knee bones is disturbed entirely.
  6. Introduction of a foreign body: External objects can pierce the knee bone or the patellofemoral joint.
  7. Puncture: A hole in the knee bone due to piercing of the foreign body object.

Knee surgery verdicts and settlements for workers’ compensation are calculated based on one of these types of knee injuries.

Professions Prone to Knee Injuries

Knee injuries are more prevalent in industries that require jobs like lifting weights, prolonged standing, etc. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics estimated approximately 170,000 knee injuries in the workplace in 2019. The construction industry is the most vulnerable in terms of knee injury accidents, and such accidents might result in workers compensation knee replacement settlements more often than other types of knee injuries at the workplace. Other industries, such as healthcare, manufacturing industry, agriculture, transportation, etc, also have a higher rate of knee injury accidents. Jobs that involve climbing, kneeling, etc, are more susceptible to a knee injury at work. Carpenters, laborers, construction workers, electricians, etc, are at high risk of getting knee injuries at work. Desk jobs also cause knee injury due to prolonged sitting. Bad posture causes a strain on the joints, especially on the knee joints.

Understanding Compensation and Benefits for Knee Injuries

If a worker has suffered a knee injury you can claim knee injury at work compensation under Workers’ Compensation benefits. These benefits may include:

  • Medical bills: All the medical expenses incurred due to knee injury. It can include hospitalization expenses, doctor fees, medical bills, treatment expenses, etc.
  • Wages: Loss of wages due to knee injury are also covered under the benefits of workers’ compensation law. This can include weekly or monthly wages. In some cases, the compensation for wages is provided as a lump sum.
  • Vocational benefits: Some knee injuries make it hard for the worker to return to their previous job or perform them adequately. In such cases, vocational rehabilitation benefit is provided to the injured employee.
  • Job accommodation due to disability: If the knee injury has resulted in a temporary or permanent disability of the worker, they are entitled to the benefit of job accommodation. The employer has to reasonably accommodate the worker. This may include assigning tasks that are convenient for the worker to perform, providing a reasonable seating arrangement and facilities so that the worker can perform their job with ease, etc.
  • Other specific benefits: The worker can also be entitled to other circumstantial benefits, depending on the severity of their knee injury.
Type of Compensation Benefit Amount
Medical Bills $20,000 – $25,0000
  1. Temporary Partial Disability
  2. Temporary total disability 
  3. Permanent Partial Disability
  4. Permanent Total Disability
66 2/3% of the average wage of the worker 
Vocational Benefits 66 2/3% of the average wage of the worker 

Detailed Steps for Filing a Knee Injury Claim

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Prevalence of Knee Injuries in the Workplace

National Safety Council stats show that in 2021-2022 knee injury is one of the most prevalent workplace and DAFW injuries, especially in the category of workers’ comp meniscus tear settlement. According to these statistics, approximately 138,710 knee injury-related DAFW cases were reported in 2021-2022.

How Our Knee Injury Attorneys Can Assist You

The most challenging aspect of the post-knee injury accident is to ensure you get the workers’ compensation as early as possible. You wouldn’t want to endure the extra hassle and tension of not getting paid in addition to your physical pain due to the injury. Our expert knee injury attorneys in Kansas City will get the claim process kick-started for you, ensuring that the claim has all the correct and complete documents attached to it but also make necessary follow-ups and negotiate and represent your interests, where needed. For example, if your injury urgently requires a knee replacement operation, our attorneys will ensure that the knee replacement workers comp settlement is negotiated with the insurance company as soon as possible.

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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Seek medical attention and report to your employer.
    That depends on the type of knee injury you have sustained, the nature of your job, and the doctor's diagnosis about the recovery period.
    The average workers' comp knee injury settlement is between $3,000 to $65,230, depending on the type of knee injury.
    It may be between $30,000 to $50,000 for a knee replacement surgery.
    A typical knee injury claim ranges between $3000 to $32,000.
    For knee injuries that permanently disrupt the ability of the worker to perform their job like before, a knee injury can be considered a permanent disability.