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Kansas City Car Accident Lawyers

There are more than 170,000 million drivers on the roads in Kansas City. Knowing this number, it’s easy to see why so many personal injury cases in the city are from car accidents.

A car accident can be physically and emotionally stressful, and if you happen to lose a loved one in the incident, you can be left with the life-long distress of dealing with the trauma.

If the car accident was no fault of your own, you could hold the other party responsible for the damages they’ve caused and claim fair compensation. This would cover your hospital bills, lost wages and property damage, among others.

However, to ensure you get compensated for the damages fairly, you’d need to have top Kansas City, Missouri car accident lawye by your side. The law car accident lawyers at Royce Injury Attorneys have over thirty years of combined experience representing their clients in court and negotiation meetings with insurance companies.

You can rely on our expertise to get you the compensation you deserve. Here’s more about Kansas City car accident statistics.

Kansas City Car Accident Statistics

In 2020, a staggering 126 pedestrian fatalities were reported in Kansas City. In 2021, there was a rise in the number of road accidents, with more than 5000 accidents reported only during the first five months of the year.

In March 2022, the KCPD reported that 21 deaths had been caused by road accidents in the city.

What are common injuries from car accidents?

The direction and force of the collision can cause life-long harm to your body. Here are some common injuries that occur as a result of car accidents:


While bruises are rarely severe injuries requiring medical attention, it’s quite common to end up with them after an accident.


The force of the accident can cause your body to move in ways it shouldn’t, leaving you with muscle strains. The effects of whiplash can last for many weeks after the accident. So if you experience pain or discomfort in the neck after the incident, it’s likely that you may have suffered whiplash.

Back injuries

From herniation to ruptures of the disc, the force of the accident can cause severe back injuries that can take many weeks to heal. Sometimes these injuries can be so painful that they may limit your movement and you may have to go for physical therapy regularly to recuperate.

Traumatic brain injuries

The brain is the most vital organ of the human body, and any damage to the brain, no matter how small, can cause severe life-altering effects.

Traumatic brain injuries can also take a lifetime to recover, and you may experience certain issues with cognition, memory and coordination due to them.

Broken bones

Fractures are also a common form of injury caused during car accidents. From broken arms and legs to fractured ribs, a car accident can result in broken bones requiring complete bed rest for you to heal.

Post-traumatic stress disorder

Car accidents don’t just result in physical injuries; the effect of the trauma can be long-lasting too. Some symptoms of PTSD after a car accident include fear of driving, nightmares, aversions to certain sounds and images and even insomnia.

What Compensation Can Victims Recover After a Car Accident in Kansas City?

The victims of a car accident may be eligible to receive compensation for the following:

Current and future medical expenses

You may be on a long road to recovery after a car accident. This can include significant time in the hospital as well as an extended rehabilitation process.

Needless to say, the medical bills can go through the roof when you’ve suffered severe injuries. Hence, victims of car accidents can claim current and future medical expenses from the responsible party.

Current and future lost wages

You may be unable to work for some time after the accident. Since the accident was no fault of your own, it would be unfair to have you miss out on your salary. Hence, a Kansas City car wreck lawyer can help you claim compensation for current and future lost wages.

Property damage

If your vehicle and other belongings have been damaged in the car accident in Kansas City, you can claim compensation for property damage too.

Pain and suffering

It’s only fair to receive compensation for the mental anguish you suffer after a car accident. However, it can be difficult to put a dollar value on pain and suffering. Hence, insurance companies try all the tricks and techniques to have you settle for less.

Hire a reliable and qualified car crash attorney Gladstone, MO & Kansas City, MO, to ensure you get the amount you deserve.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We listen to the details of each case intently to make sure nothing is missed. Every case is important to us, and we value your well-being and protection over everything else.
You can rely on us to go above and beyond to get you the compensation you deserve.
The defendant can blame your injuries on your age, existing conditions and other factors. Your car accident attorney in Kansas will provide your medical records from before and after the accident to prove that the injuries were caused by the car accident.

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