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Get the Compensation You Deserve for Work-Related Hearing Loss in Kansas City

Suffering from hearing loss at the workplace, you may be entitled to receive compensation for your loss and suffering. Our expert attorneys in occupational hearing loss claims commit to providing professional legal assistance in each claim to ensure that the client receives the best settlement offer.

Find out how much does workers’ comp pay for hearing loss. Secure your benefits today and get help for occupational hearing loss. Our experienced injury attorneys at Royce Injury are here to help you!

What Is Occupational Hearing Loss?

Hearing loss mainly occurs due to exposure to loud noises such as industrial machines and loud equipment, frequent exposure to loud music, and failure to use protective equipment in high-noise pollution workplaces. Being one of the five primary senses for human beings, hearing loss in workplace may have a significant impact on the work capabilities of the suffering claimant. Primary symptoms are gradual decline and difficulty in hearing sounds, frequent or chronic ear ringing known as tinnitus leading to hearing loss.

Different Types of Work-Related Hearing Loss

Hearing loss injuries may occur in the following forms:

  1. Long-term & gradual exposure to loud noises causes Noise-Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL).
  2. Sudden exposure to higher-frequency noises at work workplace causes hearing damage at work.
  3. Tinnitus i.e. constant or frequent ringing in the ears may affect hearing senses. It may be considered as a symptom of potential hearing loss due to long-term exposure to noise pollution.
  4. Ear blockage (outer or middle) may also cause hearing loss.

ear anatomy and hearing loss at workplace

Prevalence of Occupational Hearing Loss

According to the statistics of the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), the ratio of people suffering from occupational hearing loss and tinnitus is 1 out of every 13th working citizen in the US. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that 14,500 workers faced issues related to occupational hearing in 2019.

Workers Most Vulnerable to Occupational Hearing Loss

Noise pollution in certain industries plays a significant role in causing workplace hearing loss, such as manufacturing & construction industries. People working in the entertainment industry may also suffer from hearing loss due to prolonged and direct exposure to high-frequency sound waves. Additionally, the mining industry also exposes workers to potential hearing impairment. Protective gear and equipment are compulsory to avoid any damage to sensory organs and brain activity due to high-frequency sound waves produced by industries causing noise pollution.

Worker Protections Against Hearing Damage

Hearing loss occupational disease at the workplace may be caused by high levels of noise pollution. Therefore, standards and regulations are in place to minimize the potential damage to workers being exposed to high-frequency sound waves. Organizations such as the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulate the permitted sound levels by requiring the implementation of a hearing conservation program for workers being exposed to noise pollution above 85 decibels during an average of 8 working hours to avoid injuries at the workplace.

Compensation Benefits for Hearing Loss

Generally, a partial hearing loss claimant may be entitled to receive medical expenses coverage and loss of wages caused due to hearing loss and its subsequent treatment. It may also cover the cost of hearing aids and other medical equipment recommended by medical professionals to assist claimants in improved hearing. However, in case of permanent hearing loss, the claimant may be awarded compensatory damages. Workers comp hearing loss settlement may also cover vocational rehabilitation services to enable the claimant to secure a job.

Average Payouts for Occupational Hearing Loss Claims

Hearing loss claims are based on the causes and severity of the loss along with the impact of injury on the wellbeing and livelihood of the claimant. Therefore, a permanent hearing loss injury may attract a higher settlement award as compared to a partial impairment suffered by a hearing loss injury. Workers’ compensation hearing loss settlement may also depend on jurisdiction; however, the deciding factors still consist of the circumstances leading to hearing loss and the extent of damage caused. The average payout is around $15,000 to $32,000.

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Determining Eligibility for Compensation

The following factors may be evaluated to determine eligibility for hearing loss compensation:

  1. The connection between injury and noise exposure at the workplace.
  2. Nature of injury & circumstances leading to loss of hearing.
  3. Medical records of the claimant leading to hearing loss from work.

Steps for Filing an Occupational Hearing Loss Claim

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Lawyer Assistance with Hearing Loss Claims in Kansas City

Expert attorney in hearing loss claims may assist the claimant by providing expertise in:

  • Guiding the claimant by providing information on relevant laws and regulations applicable to hearing loss claims. 
  • Assisting the claimant in compiling the necessary documents required for filling the claim efficiently.
  • Representing the claimant in the court of law for loss of hearing at work. 
  • Settlement negotiations for the best possible compensation value for the claimant.

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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Employers must follow noise limit regulations and provide protective gear to employees.
    Documents indicating noise exposure non-compliance at work & personal medical records.
    Discuss the course of action with a hearing loss workman’s comp expert Attorney.
    An appeal may be filed in such a case with additional evidence.
    A person may qualify for disability benefits in case of substantial impairment of workability.
    It may limit workability and require job switching.
    As per OSHA, the limit is 90 Decibels for 8 hours.