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Trusted Legal Expertise for Jackknife Truck Accidents

Royce Injury is a trusted name in handling claims arising out of workplace injuries, which also includes injuries occurring due to jackknife accidents. Our expert attorneys are available to assist you in all matters related to Jackknife accident claims i.e. assessment of the claim and guiding you in ascertaining the best and fair compensation value, filing the claim & handling the court proceedings as and when needed. Suffered in a jackknife accident? Get the best legal help from our Kansas City truck accident attorneys. Contact us today for your free consultation!

Understanding Jackknife Truck Accidents

Trailer trucks are prone to accidents due to their enormity and limitation in turn mobility. Therefore, they may often experience Jackknife accidents i.e. when the trailer of a truck makes a 90° angle with the body (commonly known as a cab) while turning or reversing. Such an angle may be dangerous for heavy vehicles like trucks since it may result in jackknife accidents due to brake issues, road slips, or other unexpected yet possible mechanical failures. You may visit our detailed blog post here to gather further information on potential elements leading to a jackknife accident injury.

Common Injuries from Jackknife Truck Accidents

Similar to any other vehicle-related injury, Jackknife accident injuries also depend on the severity of the accident. However, due to the enormity of the vehicle and the road situation, a jack knife accident may lead to significantly substantial damage as compared to other vehicle-related injuries. Some common injuries caused by such accidents are brain and spine injuries, burns, fractures, organ damage or impairment, etc. These injuries may lead to physical and cognitive impairment, chronic pains, disability, and psychological trauma. The rehabilitation and recovery period may be prolonged depending on the nature and severity of the injury.

Immediate Steps to Take After a Jackknife Truck Accident

Determining Liability in Jackknife Truck Accidents

A jackknife truck accident lawyer is an expert who can assist you in determining the persons liable in jackknife accidents. It’s important to understand the liability of all persons involved in injury accidents to ascertain a proper claim value as well as to establish the connection between the accident and the person/circumstances responsible for causing the accident. Liability may be established by direct or circumstantial evidence i.e. black box recording, truck maintenance records, road and weather conditions, driver’s capabilities and condition while driving, failure to adhere to traffic rules, overloading of goods, etc. Witness statements and expert determination are also important.

Compensation for Victims of Jackknife Truck Accidents

Victims may claim compensation for the following common damages caused by jackknife accidents:

  1. Medical expenses i.e. treatments and rehabilitation;
  2. Vehicle damage;
  3. Financial damage due to loss of wages during rehabilitation and recovery process;
  4. Emotional damage i.e. psychological effects of the accident;
  5. Profession/career change due to impairment/disability.

Benefits of Hiring a Specialized Jackknife Truck Accident Lawyer

An expert jackknife truck accident lawyer has an in-depth knowledge of relevant laws and procedures for injury claims. Therefore, hiring a specialized jackknife truck accident attorney may significantly improve your chances of being awarded fair compensation for your injuries and damages sustained due to a jackknife accident. An expert attorney may also guide you through the procedure of filing the claim by assisting you in the compilation of relevant documents and evidence in support of the claim, which may otherwise be difficult for an amateur.

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Tips for Truckers to Prevent Jackknifing

Following effective measures may be observed by the drivers to prevent jackknife accidents.

  1. Maintaining the allowed speed limit to avoid any sudden brakes;
  2. Avoid overloading;
  3. Ensure regular maintenance of the truck;
  4. Observe traffic and driving rules to avoid unexpected collisions;
  5. Strictly adhere to safe driving rules i.e. avoid being intoxicated while driving, and stay alert and active.

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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    A claim for jackknife accident may typically be filed with 1-3 years from accident date. However, state law may be consulted for an accurate time limit.
    Police reports, witness statements, black box recording/dashcam footage, and maintenance records may play vital roles as evidence in jackknife accidents.
    It is recommended that an expert attorney in jackknife accidents may be consulted and engaged to receive fair compensation.
    Timelines for jackknife accident case may range from few months to a year depending on the nature, severity and number of claimants involved.
    It's important to avoid changing statements, discussing the accident with any person without proper legal advice, or negotiating settlements on your own after a jackknife accident.