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Medical Device Recalls

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A Medical Device Recalls Lawyer a Royce Injury Attorneys, LLC knows that when people have aches, pains, and discomforts, they often rely on the knowledge and experience of their doctors for care. So what happens if the doctors we turn to end up using a defective medical device for our treatment, that results in harm? Sadly, this is a common reason for defective medical device lawsuits in the United States.

If you or someone you love suffered physical, emotional, and/or financial harm because of a faulty medical device, then it’s time to speak with a Lawyer for Medical Device Recalls. 

Loopholes in the Medical Device Industry

The industry of medical devices frequently abuses loopholes that are present in the FDA’s process of approval. This means that devices with questionable and unreliable data which have not been sufficiently tested, may find its way into hospitals and medical facilities. To make matters worse, sometimes these manufacturers are fully aware of the injuries that can result from using the device.

Patients who have been harmed because of a defective medical device may be entitled to compensation and are encouraged to find out about their legal options from a Lawyer for Medical Device Recalls at Royce Injury Attorneys, LLC. 

Classifications of Recalls

When a product is recalled, this means that the manufacturer must take action to remove it from the market or correct the problem. The recall may be initiated by the manufacturer themselves or in response to an FDA order. Recalls are categorized under different classifications, based on the risk for injury. These classifications are described as:

  • Class I Recall: there is a reasonably strong chance that the product is violative and may cause severe health injuries or death to those who use it. 
  • Class II Recall: using or being exposed to the product may lead to temporary or reversible injuries. There aren’t immediate dangers linked to the item, but the risk of being harmed is present. 
  • Class III Recall: the product is deemed violative, but isn’t likely to lead to negative health consequences. 
  • Market Withdrawal: there has been a minor violation related to the product, but isn’t subject to legal action by the FDA. The item may be removed from the market or fixed in order to correct the violation. 
  • Medical Device Safety Alert: when a medical device presents the risk of significant harm, which may also be referred to as a recall.

Injuries Due to Medical Devices

If you have been injured after your doctor used a medical device during a treatment, then you must contact a Recalls Lawyer for Medical Devices at Royce Injury Attorneys, LLC for assistance. Many patients may be tempted to file a complaint with the hospital, but unfortunately, this could be a huge mistake. A facility that is dedicated to preventing lawsuits may intentionally make it more difficult for you to obtain medical documents related to the incident or even go as far as destroying evidence after hearing that you may file legal action. 

If any of this information applies to what you or a loved one are going through, then please contact a Lawyer for Medical Device Recalls at Royce Injury Attorneys, LLC right away for counsel. 

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