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After a case evaluation, a Birth Injury Lawyer from Royce Injury Attorneys, LLC can inform you of your legal options if you believe your baby has suffered from a birth injury. You may find that filing a medical malpractice lawsuit is the best option for your situation. If you believe the evidence is beginning to show that your child has been the victim of medical malpractice during delivery, you should seek help from the compassionate Birth Injury Lawyer from our team. We can work hard to bring justice to your family when you are probably dealing with high medical bills and the wellbeing of your child.

To see how Royce Injury Attorneys, LLC can help you with your lawsuit, please contact our office now. 

How can I determine if my child’s injuries were the result of medical malpractice?

Unfortunately, determining medical malpractice is not always easy. Medical professionals have difficult jobs and just because something went wrong during the delivery process does not automatically mean that your doctor was responsible. However, if your baby’s injuries were caused by a doctor or other medical staff member who could have prevented mistakes from happening, then this is a clear indicator of medical malpractice.

It is especially important to seek help from trustworthy Lawyer for Birth Injury during this time, so that we can gather the necessary evidence for a lawsuit.

What kind of damages can I recover?

When you are filing a lawsuit, you can seek compensation for various damages related to your child’s temporary or permanent medical condition which was a result of medical negligence. Medical malpractice compensation can include:

  • Hospital bills
  • Your child’s medical expenses
  • Childcare bills
  • Pain and suffering
  • Any adjustments to your home to accommodate your child’s medical condition
  • Lost wages while you were taking care of your child

When filing for medical malpractice, you need to know that there are four elements a Birth Injury Lawyer will be evaluating, to determine if this was caused by negligence or if it was something that could not have been avoided: 

  • Duty. The doctor responsible for you and your child had a duty of care. This means that they had a duty to ensure the safety of you and your child. 
  • Breach. The doctor breached the duty of care when taking care of you. 
  • Injuries. Your child sustained injuries from this breach of duty. If they did not actually sustain injuries, there is no causation. 
  • Damages. Because of the injuries your child sustained, there are damages. This means you would seek compensation for damages like medical bills or physical therapy directly caused by the child’s injuries.

How can an attorney help me seek compensation?

Nothing is worse than the excitement of a new birth, followed by the disastrous consequences when a nurse or doctor makes a mistake during labor and delivery.  Our team can not only get you the care and compensation for your child’s birth injuries, but we can fight to hold the doctors accountable for their mistakes so these injuries don’t happen to other families.

Royce Injury Lawyers has won birth injury cases, along with labor and delivery negligence cases nationwide. We can work with you and others to establish the doctor’s negligence when it comes to your child’s birth injuries. This means you can expect us to work with different medical experts in the field, gather your statements and any witness’ statements, and review your child’s medical records.

For more information on how a Lawyer for Birth Injury can help you with your child’s birth injury case, please contact Royce Injury Attorneys, LLC as soon as possible. 

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