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In the Lane or Out? Understanding Lane Splitting Rules in Missouri

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Lane Splitting Rules in Missouri


Before you understand is lane splitting legal, you have to understand what is the lane splitting definition and the difference between lane splitting and filtering. Lane splitting is the phenomenon of driving a motorbike between lanes and changing lanes in the low-speed traffic. Lane splitting is a dangerous action, and it can risk the lives of the other drivers on the road, as well as potential damage to the motorcyclist. In this article, we will discuss the lane splitting laws in Missouri and is lane splitting legal in Kansas City? We will also discuss the lane filtering Kansas City laws. Explore the ins and outs of lane splitting and lane filtering regulations with our expert lane splitting accident lawyers at Royce Injury today!

What Is Lane Splitting?

You would often notice white lines on the road, indicating a split of lanes for the vehicles. It separates the lanes in which the vehicles have to move. Lane splitting is driving motorcycles between separate lanes of traffic to make their way through heavy traffic. The lane splitting involves implications for motorbike riders for violating lane splitting rules. 

Lane splitting vs filtering: The difference between lane splitting and filtering is the position of the motorcyclist on the lane. Lane splitting meaning, as the name suggests, is moving between traffic lanes. Whereas, filtering, also known as white-lining, is when the motorcyclist is riding on the outer edges of the road. 

Understanding the Lane Splitting Laws in Various Missouri Regions

In Missouri, there are no hard and fast lane splitting laws that make lane splitting illegal. Due to this flexibility, the legal implications for questions like is lane splitting legal in Kansas City can be subjective to the interpretation of law enforcement. Similarly, lane-splitting laws in various Missouri regions are also subject to such interpretations. However, lane splitting Missouri laws impose the general implied duty on the motorcyclist to maintain a degree of caution and observance of traffic speed rules when changing lanes. 

Lane Splitting’s Impact on KC Motorcycle Insurance Claims

Lane splitting impacts the Kansas City motorcycle insurance claims. In a fault-based insurance policy on which the insurance companies operate in Kansas City, it is often difficult to get compensated for motorcycle accidents if you have contributed to the accident by lane splitting. Insurance companies tend to try to put off paying the fault-based motorcycle insurance claims and try to compensate you as little as possible when you are also at fault. You should always have a lane splitting accident lawyer with you to negotiate a fair settlement with your insurance company for lane splitting insurance claims.

Lane Splitting’s Role in Missouri Motorcycle Accident Lawsuits

What is lane splitting and where is lane splitting legal is a subjective question, depending on the part of the world you live in. Moreover, the remedies available for lane-splitting accidents are also different. For example, you can file a civil lawsuit or make an insurance claim in Missouri for a lane-splitting accident, depending upon the severity of the accident. It is important to note that civil lawsuits for compensation in motorcycle accidents in Missouri depend on various factors, one of which is the degree of your fault in the accident. Lane splitting implications include a potential reduction in the amount of compensation you are entitled to the degree of your negligence and fault in the accident. 

Proven Tips for Staying Safe During Lane Splitting

Is lane splitting illegal? The short answer is no. Lane splitting is not strictly illegal. However, it is crucial to avoid lane splitting because it is a dangerous action and may potentially lead to severe accidents. If you are a motorcyclist, you should be aware of the traffic rules related to lane-splitting and obey those laws. Safe riding is the duty of all motorcyclists, and they should be knowledgeable about these proven tips for staying safe during lane splitting. 

  1. Observance of traffic rules: The first and foremost tip is to be mindful of the traffic rules. Recommended speed signboards and traffic light signals are there to help you be safe from potential accidents, so be sure to observe them. 
  2. Careful lane splitting: When riding between heavy vehicles such as trucks and larger cars, it is not wise to do lane splitting. Never do lane splitting when you are moving in fast traffic. 
  3. Maintain distance: Don’t drive too close to the vehicle when changing lanes. Drivers don’t always have a chance to see you changing lanes through their mirrors and might make a turn just at that time, which may result in a collision. 
  4. Signal the driver about lane change: When doing lane splitting, always signal the intention to the drivers behind you before making a lane shift. 

Why Securing a Lawyer is Crucial Post-Lane-Splitting Accident

Securing a lawyer is crucial in a post-lane-splitting accident because you will need legal help to determine your most suitable legal options to pursue compensation. Depending on the severity of your injuries, you may need to file an insurance claim or a civil lawsuit. Civil lawsuits are tricky because, in a lane-splitting accident, the compensation award may depend on the degree of your fault in the accident. If you wish to file an insurance claim, you will need the expertise of an experienced lane-splitting accident attorney to negotiate with your insurance company. Insurance companies often use liability excuses to reduce or deny compensation for motorcycle accidents. Due to this issue, you would require the legal representation of a seasoned attorney who has a lot of experience in dealing with the tactics of insurance companies.


In a nutshell, lane splitting in Kansas City can be a potentially injurious act for motorcyclists. If you have been in a lane-splitting accident, our seasoned injury attorneys are here to negotiate a favorable settlement with your insurance company, so you can get the compensation you deserve. Book a free consultation today with our attorneys at Royce Injury!

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