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Uber Accident Attorney Explains: Navigating Ride-Share Mishaps

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Uber Accident Attorney


With the surge in Uber service options, traffic on roads in major cities around the world has also increased significantly, resulting in the frequency of accidents. What happens if an Uber crashes? Such accidents give rise to many legal issues. At Royce Injury, we can help you in determining the best legal option for you. 

How Often Do Uber Accidents Occur in Kansas City, Missouri?

Vehicles in any city are prone to accidents, and Kansas City is no exception. Due to a higher traffic influx coupled with human error, a car accident in an Uber may be a high possibility. Therefore, passengers must be aware of how to report the accident. It is also important to know how to file an Uber car accident lawsuit. Car accidents may lead to complex insurance & legal issues, which may require the assistance of a lawyer. 

What Leads to Uber Accidents in Kansas City?

In general, it may be caused due to human error, mechanical issues, or unfamiliarity with the road. Additional accident-contributing factors in Kansas City may be adverse weather conditions, inexperienced drivers, and high traffic influx. Therefore, a passenger has the responsibility to be aware of what happens if an Uber crashes. A person injured in a road accident must be vigilant regarding reporting of accident & filling a settlement claim to secure an appropriate settlement amount.

Who’s to Blame? Liability in Uber Accident Contexts

Is Uber responsible for accidents? Insurance liability against Uber accidents may be categorized as follows:

  • Uber Driver During Off-Duty Hours: In case of off-duty hours, an Uber driver is liable personally i.e. driver’s personal insurance may cover any liability arising out of the accident.
  • Uber Driver Awaiting Ride Dispatch: While waiting for ride dispatch, the driver is actively engaged in working for the ridesharing service. Therefore, the insurance liability should fall on Uber.
  • Uber Driver While On An Active Trip: During an active trip, the company is liable for insurance against accidents i.e. insurance coverage is intact for both the driver and the passenger(s).

Deadline for Uber Accident Injury Lawsuits

Can you sue Uber for an accident? Yes, but within a timeframe. In general, an injury claim is subject to the statute of limitation due to its legal nature. Accordingly, the deadline for filling an Uber injury claim may vary as per accident site jurisdiction. Therefore, a car accident lawyer may provide relevant information for the timely filing of an injury claim. Our lawyers are ready to answer all your questions regarding an injury claim.

What Compensation Can Uber Accident Victims Claim in Kansas City?

Victims may be entitled to various injury claims based on the circumstances and factors contributing to the accident. However, the following are the general claims to which they may be entitled:

  • Medical expense
  • Lost wages
  • Property damage

Additional claims may arise out of the negligence of the other party as per the circumstances of a particular case. Therefore, the opinion of an expert attorney may be sought out to better understand the nature of the claim you are entitled to. Always make sure to report the Uber accident to enhance your chances of getting the most from the settlement.

Average Uber Accident Settlement: What’s My Case Worth?

Not sure where to start? If you’re in Kansas City, just google “Uber accident lawyer near me” to set up a meeting with our qualified attorneys to file a properly estimated injury claim. Since each accident varies from the other in terms of the extent of liability of parties involved and injuries sustained by the victims, a claim may range anywhere between a thousand to a hundred thousand dollars.

Partial Fault in a Kansas City Uber Accident: Is Compensation Still an Option?

You may be entitled to receive partial compensation for an accident injury claim to the extent of your liability in circumstances leading up to the accident and the injuries sustained. Depending on the nature of the case, you may be able to analyze the extent to whether or not is uber liable for accidents. Kansas City follows a compensation system based on the comparative role of the claimant in the accident occurrence. The system is designed to compensate or hold liable the claimant to the extent of his/her role in contributing towards the accident e.g. you may claim that I was a passenger, which may entitle you to a significantly higher injury settlement as compared to a negligent driver.

A passenger in an Uber or Lyft Accident? Steps to Take

Being a passenger using ridesharing services, you may have limited information on what to do if Lyft driver gets in accident. The following steps may be taken by a passenger involved in a car accident with Lyft driver:

  • Immediately seek medical attention as required
  • Report the accident to local authorities
  • Gather information/documents related to the accident for a potential Lyft car accident settlement claim
  • Visit an expert Lyft car accident attorney to get an estimate on the injury claim you may be entitled to
  • Timely file injury claims to receive a properly estimated settlement. 

Injured as an Uber or Lyft Driver? Here’s Your Action Plan

As an Uber or Lyft driver, you may be entitled to receive compensation for suffering an accident during trips. The action plan may be as follows:

  • Check yourself for injuries and seek medical attention
  • Gather information on circumstances leading up to the accident 
  • Get in touch with an expert Lyft car accident lawyer to get insight on a possible injury claim.

 Book a free consultation with our Uber accident lawyers today!


In a nutshell, uber or Lyft drivers may suffer accidents more frequently as compared to regular drivers due to factors such as mental & physical exhaustion due to long driving hours, weather conditions, traffic influx, etc. Therefore, a driver or passenger suffering injuries in a Lyft driver car accident may be entitled to receive reasonable compensation. Our qualified car accident attorneys at Royce Injury will assist you in filing a timely and properly estimated claim to enable you to receive well-deserved compensation. 

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