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What are the leading causes of car accidents in Kansas City?

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Car Accidents in Kansas City: What You Need to Know to Stay Safe

Common causes of car accidents

According to a survey in 2016, the number of registered vehicles in Kansas City is approximately 980,359 – out of which 976,261 are private and commercial cars, whereas publicly owned vehicles are around 4,098. Consequently, the staggering increase in automobiles has caused a jump in car accidents in Kansas City. Kansas City car accidents are a frequent occurrence. A Kansas City fatal car accident yesterday can change your future forever, and there must be awareness must be made about the causes of such accidents. Many car accidents happen in Kansas City annually, but there’s no need to worry. We have put together a helpful guide about the most common causes of car accidents and ways to avoid them on our website to help you.

Common Causes Of Car Accidents In Kansas City

Kansas City has busy and accident-prone roads. But most of the time, these accidents happen because of negligence on the road by the drivers. Some of the most common causes of accidents on Kansas City roads are:  

  1. Driving while using the phone: A large number of car accidents in Kansas City today are attributable to driving while being distracted – use of a cell phone for texting or making a call. Always invest in your car’s safety equipment and install a shatter-resistant windscreen and glasses.
  2. Extreme Weather conditions: Wind, heatwave, downpours, fog, snow, etc., makes the road unsafe as the weather in Kansas City shifts around the year. According to the U.S Department of Transportation, around 5,376 people lost their lives in car accidents due to extreme weather – an average of 16% of crash fatalities. Keep an emergency kit in your car and always have extra supplies of food.
  3. Speed/reckless driving: Speeding or driving recklessly can put everyone, including the driver, at risk of accidents. The busy highways increase the risk of accidents in Kansas City, MO, tenfold.
  4. Drunk/Drowsy driving: In both states, a person is not conscious enough to make accurate calculations about driving and might end up endangering everyone’s lives on the road.
  5. Under construction sites: Roads undergoing construction work are difficult to navigate because of the ongoing changes on the site. It is challenging to avoid such a fatal Kansas City accident. Car mirrors are your safety measure in such cases.
  6. Fault in the vehicle: Blowouts, poorly maintained engines, rusty exhaust systems, inexperience, etc., are some of the many causes of accidents happening due to faults in a car. Regular maintenance of your car can help you avoid this problem.

Some other causes of car accidents in Kansas City are:

  • Breaking signal
  • Tailgating 
  • Potholes 
  • Inexperienced or new driver

Dangerous intersections in Kansas City as a cause of accidents

Intersections in Kansas City are accident-prone due to traffic jams and narrow corners that contribute to the low visibility of the drivers. Headlines such as “Kansas fatal car accident today of a woman who failed to stop at the intersection” make it into the news often, and it’s misfortunate. Some of the kinds of accidents due to intersections in Kansas city are; 

  •   Heavy vehicle accidents
  •   Car accidents
  •   Collisions due to low visibility
  •   Bicycle/motorcycle accidents
  •   Slip and fall accidents 

What kind of injuries are the common result of Kansas City car accidents?

Injuries from vehicle accidents vary according to the severity of the accident and the impact of the crash. The most common types of injuries that have been observed in personal injury cases from car accidents in Kansas city are; 

  •   Bone fractures
  •   Loss of limb, organ, or vital muscle.
  •   Internal bleeding
  •   Brain damage
  •   Whiplash
  •   Spinal cord injury
  •   Any other kind of injury 

The safety features in your car could save you from serious injury in a Kansas City car accident

Safety measures that can help you drive safely and protect you from serious injury in Kansas City are; 

Always use a seatbelt: Wearing a seatbelt can help you mitigate the initial impact of the accident in a crash. Generally, the initial force of a hit is so paramount that some people die instantly due to the crash force when they are not wearing seatbelts. Seatbelts ensure your body does not lean forward with crash force when a crash happens, and many people are thrown over or out of windshield windows if they are not wearing seatbelts. 

Check the bumpers of your car regularly: Car Bumpers are crucial for the structural maintenance of your automobile and play a substantial role in your safety on the road. Make regular checks of the car bumpers to ensure they’re working fine. 

Get the airbag if you have an old version car: They are the standard safety feature that is coming with most modern cars now. If you have an old model car, ensure you have installed an airbag. Airbags inflate to avoid head injuries during crashes and collisions. 

Installation of car mirrors: All cars have mirrors, but sometimes they are broken or not maintained, and we procrastinate replacing them. Never do that. Always check if the car mirrors are functioning, and if they need replacing, don’t avoid it. 

Keep an emergency first-aid kit in the car: Keeping an emergency medical kit in the car can help you attend to any minor injuries in a collision before proper medical care is accessible to you. 

Bottom Line 

Car accidents are common in Kansas City due to population, overcrowded roads, weather conditions, etc. People even meet fatal accidents at intersections and highways, and most of such accidents are often not their fault. As a result, they meet serious injuries that can cause potentially life-threatening medical situations for them. Bone factors, brain damage, loss of limbs, etc., are some of the most common injuries in personal injury suits in Kansas City, MO. Of course, there is no sure-free way to protect yourself from car accidents on the roads, but taking safety measures can help to mitigate the danger. 

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