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Kansas City Fire Truck Crash: Legal Help for Optimal Outcomes

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Seeking Justice After Fire Truck Accident in Kansas City, MO? Get The Help You Need Now!

Fire truck accidents are one of the most common types of traffic accidents. According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), approximately 18,775 fire truck crashes happened in 2021. In this article, we will discuss what happens if a fire truck hits you, give an insight into fire truck accident statistics, and explain what happens if a fire truck hits your parked car. Moreover, we will expound on what happens when 2 fire trucks crash and why fire trucks go to car accidents. Have you been in a fire truck accident? Get help now from our experienced lawyers. We can answer all your questions about what happens if a fire truck hits you, your parked car, or other vehicles.

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What Happens If You’ve Been in a Fire Truck Accident?

According to a truck accident attorney, the most common question asked by people is what happens if a fire truck hits your car or what happens if you hit a fire truck? The first thing to do when you meet a fire truck accident is to seek immediate medical attention. Keep track of all the medical bills and expenses which you may acquire when you get treatment for the injuries you have suffered in a crash fire truck. Keep the receipts of even the most trivial expenses you may get while being treated. These receipts are an essential piece of evidence in calculating the total amount of compensation. This also may include medical bills for treatment of psychological fallouts such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), mental distress, persistent depressive episodes, disruptive behavior, etc. Try to recollect everything you can remember about the accident. Any video or pictures of the accident you have on you would strengthen your claim in a car crash claim. Your car crash attorney will also acquire a police report of the accident, CCTV footage, statements of eyewitnesses, and other relevant documents to help you win the compensation you deserve. 

Common Causes of Fire Truck Accidents

Common causes of fire truck accidents are; 

    • Distracted driving
    • Driving under the influence of alcohol or other drugs
    • Narrow intersections 
    • Overspeeding 
    • Failure of brake or vehicle shutdown 
    • Violation of traffic rules
    • Failure to give a siren or use an indicator 

Types of Common Injuries

The types of common injuries that happen in a fire truck accident are; 

  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Injury of brain tissues 
  • Humerus Fracture
  • ‎Comminuted, oblique, transverse, or spiral fracture
  • Organ/tissue raptures
  • Amputation 
  • Temporary or permanent disability 
  • Whiplash

Types of Compensation Available in Fire Truck Accidents

There are different types of compensation for injury caused by an accident fire truck crash has caused to a victim. These compensations are;

Monetary Compensation

Monetary compensation includes financial losses you have suffered in the form of medical bills, treatment expenses, loss of wages, loss of money due to temporary or permanent disability, cost of damage to your vehicle, etc. 

Mental distress Compensation

Mental distress compensation for causing depression, anxiety, insomnia, mental torture, and agony to you will also add up to the damages claim. If you are diagnosed with a life-long mental condition due to your injury, consult your mental health practitioner about what kind of life-long psychological conditions you may get as a result of a fire truck accident. 

Attorney fees 

The attorney fees for a truck accident can be between $10,000 to $12,000 depending on the settlement value of the claim. Some injury claims are complicated because proving liability is challenging. Truck attorney fees are pricy because these claims go to trial, and more than other parties are involved. Therefore, the cost of litigation is also added up to the personal injury claim. 

Liability in Fire Truck Accidents

Establishing liability in fire truck accidents is complex due to sovereign immunity. Sovereign immunity means that the government departments like the fire department are given immunity against injury lawsuits during duty. Injury claims that involve accidents from a government-owned vehicle are challenging for injury lawyers. It requires extensive expertise and previous experience in such cases for them to be successful. For this reason, a fire truck accident lawyer must be hired for your case. An experienced injury attorney will know how to handle your case efficiently to reap maximum results. Only a seasoned fire truck accident lawyer can navigate the queries like what happens if a fire truck hits a car and identify the correct person(s) to sue for damages out of the various parties that can be held liable. These parties are government departments, vehicle manufacturers, firefighters, drivers, etc. There is no hard and fast rule to pinpoint the at-fault party in a fire truck accident.

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Why You Need a Lawyer?

Fire truck lawyers are familiar with the legal processes such as establishing liability and tackling the sovereign immunity issue. They also have the experience to calculate the damages you should be claiming in your lawsuit. Not many people know that mental torture and agony can also be claimed as damages in a fire truck injury lawsuit. Also, you will need an injury lawyer to gather evidence such as police reports and official documentary evidence like videos or CCTV footage. Your injury lawyer will also negotiate with insurance companies on your behalf and take care of the paperwork so that you don’t have to worry about it. Lastly, hiring an experienced fire truck injury lawyer enhances your chances of winning fair damages.  

Our lawyers can help you if you’ve been in a fire truck accident. It will indefinitely save you from the trouble of making legal mishaps that you may make through self-representation in your case and improve your chances to get the compensation you deserve. Don’t wait up.

We at Royce Injury care about what you have gone through. 

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