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Blind Spots on a Semi Truck: Understanding the Risks and Precautions

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Navigating Big Truck Blind Spots


According to a report by the Transport and Environment, 31% of fatalities in semi truck blind spots accidents occur from pulling over, while 19% of fatalities result from turning left.

As the name suggests, the blind spot is that area around the vehicle that is not visible to the truck driver in the mirror. Blind spots around large vehicles such as trucks can be dangerous for other vehicles on the road because the size of a truck is enormous and it can cause significant impact on other vehicles during a crash or collision. Therefore, it is essential to navigate safely about blind spots on a truck.

In this guide on the truck’s blind spots, we will educate you about what are the blind spots of a truck and where do trucks have blind spots. This guide will help you understand truck driver blind spots to prevent accidents. Be road-ready and aware, with our blind spots truck lawyers.

Locating the Precise Positions of the Four Blind Spots on a Truck

Trucks have four blind spots or “no-zone” areas, and they are located as follows:

  • Front Blind Spot: This blind spot is located at the posterior or front side of the truck, and it extends to a significant distance. 
  • Rear Blind Spot: It is located at the back side of the truck and also extends to a significant distance like the front blind spot.
  • Left-Side Blind Spot: It is located on the left side of the driver, and it covers the distance from the left side mirrors to the cab area.
  • Right-Side Blind Spot: It is located on the right side of the passenger’s seat, and it covers the distance from the left side mirrors to the rear area of the truck.

Key Causes of Truck Accidents Connected to Blind Spots

The key cause behind blind spots trucks accidents is the driver’s inability to see other vehicles on the road through the truck blind spot mirror while driving. Other causes of a blind spot truck accident are:

  • Driving in the truck’s no-zone: Driving in the no-zone area of a truck can make the driver not able to see the other vehicle. Any kind of tailgating or driving too close to the truck can result in a blind spot truck accident.
  • Reckless driving: Reckless driving by the truck driver can also contribute to such accidents. Speeding, changing lanes without signaling other vehicles, etc. are some examples of reckless driving behavior that increases the risk of blind spot accidents on the road. 
  • Driver’s negligence: Lack of running proper checks on mirrors by the drivers can also cause blind spot accidents.
  • Multitasking and weather conditions: Sometimes the drivers of the smaller vehicles are engaged in multitasking while driving, and they become oblivious to maintaining the minimum distance from the semi-truck. This can often lead to blind spot collisions. Bad weather conditions also reduce the visibility of truck drivers on the road.

Frequently Seen Injuries in Truck Accidents Linked to Blind Spots

When a blind spot accident happens, chances are that the passenger vehicle is,

  • Crushed
  • Became a victim of an underride collision
  • Cause a pedestrian accident 
  • Is rolled over 
  • Is run on by the truck 
  • Is thrown off the road by the truck 

The following types of injuries are sustained by the passengers in a blind spot truck accident:

  • Spinal cord injuries 
  • Bone fracture 
  • Internal bleeding
  • Damage to the tissues 
  • Ruptures of Organs 
  • Amputation of arm, leg, or any other organ 
  • Scarring
  • Neck and Brain Injuries (TBIs)
  • Temporary or permanent disability 

Possible Parties at Fault for Truck Accidents Involving Blind Spots

Determining and establishing liability in blind spot truck accidents is hard due to the involvement of many parties. Some of these parties are; truck drivers, driver(s) of passenger vehicles, companies that manufactured the truck, truck mechanic and maintenance companies, truck companies, government agencies, and local transportation authorities. Not all of these parties are added to litigation, and it may depend on the circumstances and facts of each case. Therefore, the parties may vary from case to case. 

Expected Financial and Non-Financial Damages in Truck Accident Cases

If you have suffered a blind spot truck accident, you are entitled to receive both financial and non-financial damages and compensation. Financial damages may include medical bills, treatment expenses, wages, property damage, cost of litigation, compensation in case of permanent disability, therapy costs, compensation to the reduced earning capacity, funeral expenses in the cause of fatality, etc. Whereas, in case of non-financial damages, you can claim compensation against mental torture and agony you went through due to the accident, emotional distress, anxiety, loss of companionship if you have lost a loved one in that accident, etc. 

Safety Measures to Avoid Accidents Caused by Large Trucks’ Blind Spots

Truck drivers and passengers need to follow the prescribed safety measures provided by regulatory bodies to reduce the risk of a blind spot accident. 

The truck drivers must:

  • Check the mirrors from time to time
  • Make use of any automatic warning systems, if they are available. 
  • Make sure to signal before changing the lane or merging.
  • Avoid multitasking and reckless driving
  • Maneuver the vehicle safely

The passenger vehicle drivers and others should:

  • Avoid driving within the no-zone area of the truck
  • Maintain precautions while taking turns (right or left)
  • Give the truck enough space when they signal that they are changing lanes
  • Do not try to overtake or be impatient


In a nutshell, truck blind spots can be very dangerous for small vehicles like cars. It is crucial to have good knowledge about the four blind spots of a truck, the causes behind blind spot accidents, and who you can sue in the event of a blind spot truck accident. If you have been in a truck blind spot accident, consult one of our best blind spot truck accident lawyers at Royce Injury as soon as possible to get the compensation you deserve! 

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