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Road Debris Accidents: Claims, Faults, and Insurance Coverage

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Road Debris Accidents

Road debris is a more frequent cause of road accidents than one might comprehend. It may commonly be referred to as an object or item that may cause hindrance in smooth traffic flow.

Accidents caused by road debris may range between a minor injury and a fatal accident. Car damage from road debris may give rise to an insurance claim commonly known as road debris damage insurance. To determine who is responsible for road debris damage and what to do if you hit road debris, one must be aware of the different types of hazardous debris and the damages they might cause. Hit road debris? Don’t panic! Learn if it’s an at-fault accident, what to do next, and how to handle road debris damage professionally with Royce Injury Car Accident Lawyers

Kansas Roadways and Their Different Kinds of Hazardous Debris

Even though Kansas roadways are maintained frequently and are kept clean of any road debris to avoid possible road debris accidents, occasionally, road debris may be found on the road due to stormy winds, construction work, or accumulation of garbage. Occasionally, animal carcasses and roadkill may be found as well, which may cause road debris damage to car. Following are a few examples of hazardous debris one might come across in Kansas:

  1. Tree limbs and branches
  2. Metal waste
  3. Construction material
  4. Animal carcasses
  5. Plouldersastic cones
  6. Boulders

Hazardous debris may become a primary cause of road debris car damage. Therefore, a little bit of familiarity with a road debris insurance claim may always come in handy.

Main Causes of Accidents Caused by Debris on Highways

Highway accidents may be caused due to any number of reasons, including road debris. Following are the causes of accidents occurring on highways due to debris:

  • Lumbers: Wood stock is an equally in-demand commodity in the construction industry as metal. Lumbers may be found scattered on the highway due to any accident suffered by the delivery truck leading up to more accidents for oncoming traffic.
  • Tree limbs: Heavy stormy season may cause the trees to be extracted from their roots and be scattered over the highways causing road debris damage.
  • Boulders: Drivers may fail to see a boulder on the road until it’s too late and may collide with it.

What Damage Does Road Debris Typically Cause?

Damage to cars from road debris ranges from mild to severe depending on the variety of road debris. For example, a small boulder may cause the car to get a bump, whereas an oil spill may cause a car to slip and get out of control due to a lack of friction in the tires leading to a more severe injury and damage to both the car and the driver/passengers. Road debris may damage a car by causing scratches, tire slashing, collision with oncoming traffic, losing control due to spillage, bumps, etc. Road debris is a hazard to traffic which may cause extreme damage to a car without any fault of the driver. 

Who Is Responsible For Road Debris Accidents, photo

Who is Responsible for Losses and Damages from Road Debris in Kansas?

In general, the driver of the vehicle is responsible for avoiding road debris to be best of his driving abilities. To determine the party at fault in a road accident caused by road debris we must first rule out the possibility that is hitting road debris an at fault accident which means that damage to the car and personal injury were caused due to the driver’s negligence. Once it is established that the driver was guilt-free, other elements may be explored. For example, an accident caused by construction debris may give rise to an injury claim against the organization responsible for such debris. Therefore, the responsibility for losses and damages falls upon the party responsible for causing the accident.

How Insurance Covers Debris-Associated Accident Damages

Insurance coverage for debris-related accidents may mainly depend on the insurance policy of the injured and the damaged vehicle. To determine the extent of coverage and raise an insurance claim, the injured person must first consult the relevant insurance policy i.e. is road debris damage covered under comprehensive insurance. Insurance companies provide various coverage options; therefore, a good insurance coverage policy proves very helpful. A comprehensive insurance policy may provide coverage for damages caused due to non-collision accidents i.e. debris, animal attacks, acts of god, etc. However, the key question to ask is does insurance cover damage from road debris.

Damages That Can Be Recovered After Suffering From Road Debris

Once it is established that the damage suffered by the injured party is not caused by its negligence and does insurance cover road debris, the following damages may be recovered via insurance and injury claims:

  •  Car damage: Claim related to car damage may be raised to cover expenses for refurbishment and replacement of parts as needed.
  •  Injury: The person suffering the injuries may claim medical expenses incurred for hospitalization, medication therapy, etc.
  • Lost wages: The injured person may also file a claim for loss of wages during the recovery phase for the accident.
  • Other damages: Claims for other direct or indirect claims may also be raised as per the nature and extent of damage suffered by the person or property of parties involved in the accident. 

What’s Your Next Move If Impacted by Road Debris?

The following steps may be taken immediately after being impacted by road debris:

  • Get out of the way of further damage i.e. exit the vehicle and move to a safer side of the road.
  • Check yourself and other parties involved for medical emergencies i.e. injuries and possible loss of life.
  • Immediately contact emergency helplines or local authorities to report the accident and request assistance.

Once it is established that the parties involved are safe and secure, the focus may be diverted to claims and damage control. For example:

  • Consulting an attorney for injury claims.
  • Look up your insurance policy to determine whether debris-related claims are covered.


Debris collision may cause mild to severe damage to person and property. It is essential to have an auto insurance policy in place to provide coverage in such situations. However, asking the right questions may make the insurance claim process easy i.e. does insurance cover hitting road debris or debris on the road damaged my car and how can I claim for insurance?

Our car insurance claim attorneys are experts in their fields and may help you in providing the right answers to your questions and remove any difficulties towards your right to receive proper assistance and a rightful claim.

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