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Best motorcycle tips for beginners

Very few things in life match the thrill of riding a motorcycle. On a motorcycle, you may feel as though you’re flying, and there are no set limits to stop you from enjoying this newfound freedom.

However, the joy of riding a motorcycle isn’t without dangers. If you don’t watch your speed and aren’t careful, you may end up hurting yourself or others on the road.

So before you hop on the motorcycle and take off on your first solo trip, it’s best to be aware of some motorcycle tips for beginners to stay safe on the road. Here’s all you need to keep in mind:

1. Examine your motorcycle

As excited as you may be to hit the road, it’s important that you make some necessary checks on your ride before you get going.

Start by checking the tire pressure and wheels. Next, check the controls, lights and electrics, oils, and other fluids to ensure smooth riding. You’d also want to inspect the chassis and stands to avoid any unwanted issues on the road.

2. Get dressed appropriately

While it may be hard to believe, dressing appropriately on a motorcycle can go a long way in ensuring your safety on the road. Always prioritize safety over comfort and dress in bright-colored clothing, so you’re more visible to other drivers on the road.

Avoid wearing light t-shirts or baggy jeans as these won’t protect your body in case of an accident. Buy a motorcycle riding jacket, gloves, and pants to don before each ride. Also, make sure to wear a safety helmet that will protect your skull from damage in case of an unfortunate accident.

3. Follow the driving rules

Do you remember all the many driving rules you learned during the classes? It’s easy to forget some crucial rules when you’re new to riding a motorcycle.

Hence, make sure to have a refresher on the many things you covered before getting on the motorcycle. And while you’re on the road, assume that you’re invisible. This means that the vehicles around you can’t see you, so you should always be super vigilant and ready to take action when you spot faulty maneuvers.

4. Keep your heels in

Your heels can affect your balance on the motorcycle. Hence, they need to be in the correct position, close to the motorcycle’s frame. This will help improve grip, control, and safety while riding.

5. Be ready for any type of weather

Road conditions can change with a shift in weather. So you need to be prepared for every challenge on the road.

Prepare for unexpected weather conditions like rain or rising temperature by carrying necessary riding gear and raincoats on your ride.

6. Choose footwear with traction

Wearing shoes that expose your feet will put you at a greater risk of injuries. Hence, footwear that’s designed to keep bicycle riders safe can go a long way in reducing the chance of broken bones.

Riders often stick their feet out to the ground for support. However, doing so can put you at risk on slippery and uneven roads. Hence, wearing footwear with traction is important to help you stabilize yourself while losing control on a bike. It’ll provide a better grip, helping you find balance.

7. Keep your vision safe

We understand it can be tempting to feel the wind on your face by keeping the visor up. However, that can be detrimental to your safety while riding a bike.

You need to have clear vision, which could be affected by a flying particle landing straight in your eye. Hence, it’s important to keep your vision safe by keeping the visor down and wearing appropriate eye gear.

8. Be sure you are visible enough

Due to the shape and size of a motorcycle, it can be easy for other drivers on the road not to notice you. Hence, it’s crucial to ensure you’re visible enough to them while riding your motorcycle.

Wear bright-colored clothing and gear, make use of reflective tape and stay out of blind spots. Use a headlight and a brake light modulator in compliance with state and federal laws.

9. Slow down when you are in doubt

When riding a motorcycle, it’s best to take things at your own pace, especially when you’re a beginner. Keep in mind that speed thrills but kills. Hence, it’s best to slow down if you’re ever in doubt due to road or weather conditions.

Rushing through roads that you’re uncertain of can increase the risk of accidents. Hence, no matter how cool motorcycle riders whooshing through different terrains seem in movies, you should learn to fight the urge to speed.

Learning to become a skilled motorcyclist is a life-long process. You have all the time in the world to explore the different landscapes of the country on a motorcycle — just remember to be safe while doing so!

10. Have insurance

Motorcycle insurance will cover the costs of repairs, replacements and medical bills for anyone injured during an accident.

It can also help replace or fix any property damage. Hence, if you don’t have insurance already, you should get it as soon as possible. This will go a long way in ensuring you don’t have to deal with the added stress of covering financial costs when dealing with the trauma of a motorcycle accident.   


Remember, it’s important to put your safety first when riding on a motorcycle. Hence, to make sure your first ride on a motorcycle is safe and memorable, follow all the beginner motorcycle tips listed above.

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