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Truck Car Accident: Actions to Take After a Car Accident with Semi Truck

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What to Do After a Car Accident with Truck


Truck and car accidents are the most common type of accidents around the world. National Safety Council estimated 5700 fatal truck accidents happened in 2022. Statistics show an increase of 49% in truck accidents in the past ten years in the United States. According to the statistics of the Insurance Institute For Highway Safety, 4714 people lost their lives to car and semi truck accidents. Car truck accidents often result due to contributory negligence of both truck and car drivers. It is important to understand the underlying causes of a truck car accident and how to avoid a car accident with semi truck. Expert advice on handling car accidents involving trucks. Discover crucial steps after a truck and car accident. From car-truck accidents to semi-truck collisions, learn how to navigate the aftermath with precision and protect your rights with the help of our car accident attorneys.

Steps to Take After an Accident With Truck

A car accident with a truck can be very dangerous and fatal. Here are the important things you should remember if you are in a truck driver car accident:

  • Immediately relocate at a safe distance from the accident spot to avoid any further damage to yourself and others. 
  • Contact the emergency services and police authorities for help with the injuries caused by the truck car accident. 
  • Ensure getting necessary medical attention for diagnosis of all injuries which may have occurred due to the accident. 
  • Exchange contact information with the parties involved in the truck and car accident for establishing proper and timely contact with the family of the persons injured in the accident.
  • Collect necessary documents/videos/photos of the incident (wherever possible) for future reference and insurance claims.
  • In case of severe injury caused due to the accident, an expert personal injury attorney must be consulted immediately for timely claim filling and getting an overview of the legal process protecting your rights. 

How Often Do Trucks Cause Accidents?

Like most of the vehicles on the road, trucks are also prone to accidents which may be caused by multiple factors contributing to car accidents with trucks. A major factor in such accidents may be the size of the truck i.e. the bigger the size of the truck, the higher the risk of an accident. However, the size of the truck may not be considered the only factor contributing to a higher ratio of truck and car accidents. 

Other factors contributing to a higher risk of accidents, such as the driver’s expertise, road conditions, weather situation, vehicle’s health and timely inspection, and traffic on the road, may also be taken into account to assess the actual cause of truck car accidents. A higher concentration of trucks in traffic may also cause an accident.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) provides relevant data and information on regulations and rules concerning vehicle and road-related accidents in the US. 

What Are the Leading Causes of Most Semi-Truck Accidents?

The major causes leading to a semi-truck accident are as follows:

  • Negligence on the driver’s part may lead to catastrophic car accidents with semi truck. The driver plays an integral part in the safe and smooth driving of huge vehicles, i.e. trucks and semi-trucks. Therefore, a negligent and amateur driver may cause significant damage to the person and vehicle on the road. 
  • Long driving intervals may be a leading cause of accidents. Drivers may experience fatigue after several hours of driving, and lack of proper rest may cause them to feel tiresome, irritable, and exhausted. 
  • Vehicles must be checked and maintained regularly to avoid any unexpected malfunction during driving. Such malfunctions may easily cause the vehicle to suffer an accident. 
  • The loading requirements and limitations of the vehicle may be strictly observed for safe travel and to avoid any car accident with truck. 
  • The weather and road conditions may also be considered while driving a truck or semi-truck. Bad weather and slippery road may play a significant role in truck and car accidents. 

What You Should Know About Filing a Claim After a Car Accident With a Truck

A car accident with a truck may cause serious injuries leading up to chronic medical issues and long-term aftercare for the injured persons. Therefore, a person injured in a truck accident may be entitled to receive personal injury compensation according to the relevant laws and regulations. The following elements constituting a personal injury claim may be considered before filing a claim after a car accident with a truck.

  • Circumstances and causes leading up to the accident must be properly documented and timely assessed to ascertain the persons responsible and involved in the accident. This will help in the determination of the liabilities arising out of the accident. 
  • The injuries sustained by the injured person must be properly diagnosed and documented. Additionally, the estimated recovery period and recommended treatment options, along with the expenses, may also be readily available for the filling of claims. 
  • Legal consultation is a key factor in claim filling. An expert attorney in personal injury claims may assist you in the accurate determination of the compensation you may be entitled to per the injuries suffered. 
  • It is also important to file a claim for personal injury promptly and on time to avoid any complications or delays in the determination of the compensation. An expert attorney may also assist you in this regard by guiding you through the legal process of filing the claim. 


Accidents on roads are common, and the most frequent ones are caused by trucks and cars. However, such accidents may be effectively avoided by following the regulations, driving responsibly, and being aware of your surroundings. Truck and car accidents may cause the persons involved in such accidents to suffer severe and serious physical injuries, thereby giving rise to personal injury claims. An attorney having expertise in personal injury claims may assist in determining the extent of compensation allowed for a personal injury caused due to truck accidents.

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