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Truck Impact on Wallet: What is the Average Settlement for an 18-Wheeler Accident?

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Transportation trucks are massive vehicles weighing up to 80,000 pounds or more. Being in a crash with such a heavy vehicle means not only your vehicle can get substantially damaged, but can also be fatal for you. Truck accident injuries are severe in most cases because of the sheer force of the crash impact on the vehicle. Many factors are considered by truck accident lawyers when giving an amount of big truck accident settlements. In this article, you will discover what is the average settlement for a 18-wheeler accident. Have you been in an 8-wheeler truck accident? Seeking a fair settlement truck accident victims deserve? Discover key factors that influence your claim’s value and step forward confidently. Book a free consultation with our expert truck accident lawyers at Royce Injury today!

What Does a Truck Accident Settlement Entail?

An average truck accident settlement may vary depending on the number of liable parties involved in a truck accident. In a single-defendant case, the value of the settlement is usually less than in a multi-party truck accident case. Moreover, the average settlement for commercial vehicle accidents also depends on the extent of injuries, property damages, and collateral damage suffered by the victim. When determining how much a truck accident claim is worth, truck accident attorneys usually keep all of these factors in mind. Generally, an average truck accident compensation is somewhere around $81,767.09, depending on the factors and facts of the case.

Semi Truck Accident Settlement Amount: How is it Determined?

Determining the accurate settlement amount for a truck accident victim is complicated. The first step is to single out the liable parties. It is a time-consuming step. However, it is the most beneficial and practical step in the right direction. Singling out the liable parties is crucial for one reason only — to establish liability. It simply means who is going to be legally responsible for paying for your compensation. The liable parties can be more than one. 

  • Truck driver: The first and obvious party is the truck driver who crashed the vehicle into your car. To determine the extent of the driver’s liability, the driver log books, CCTV footage, sleep apnea status (if applicable on the driver), the police report of the crash, etc, are gathered and examined. This is done to establish the driver’s degree of negligence in the accident.
  • Trucking Company: Trucking company is responsible for complying with minimum work hours and employee well-being policies. If they have failed to do so, they are also a liable party. 
  • Truck Manufacturing Company: If any inherent fault in the manufacturing of the truck led to the accident, the truck manufacturers are also deemed to be included as a liable party. 
  • Governmental Agencies: A truck accident resulting from poorly maintained roads will also make governmental agencies responsible for road maintenance a liable party.

What is the Average Settlement for Semi Truck Accident?

The average settlement for a semi semi-truck accident is around $80,145.67. It can also be calculated by a semi-truck accident settlement calculator. However, the actual settlement amounts truck accidents usually concluded in court cases are much higher than the average value in multi-party settlements. What is the average settlement for an 18-wheeler accident depends on the same factors discussed before.

What Tweaks the Truck Accident Settlement Amount?

The prime factor that is responsible for tweaking the truck accident settlement amount is how much damage a victim has suffered because of the accident. This can be both financial and non-financial damages. Such damages can be: 

  • Medical bills, treatment charges, short-term diagnosis expenses, long-term treatment expenses, doctor’s fees (both current and future), and any other potential medical bills. 
  • Implications for earning capacity and loss of income due to temporary or permanent disability resulting from the accident.
  • Car and/or property damage from the truck accident 
  • Post-accident traumas and their treatment 
  • Emotional and mental torture & agony 
  • Punitive damages for gross negligence of traffic rules or workplace policies. 

All of these factors are important. The truck accident settlements are tweaked from case to case, by analyzing these kinds of damages sustained by the victim. When there is more than one party involved in the liability of the truck accident, the settlement amount varies significantly. However, each party is liable to pay damages to the extent of their fault and contributory negligence in the accident. However, generally, in most truck accident compensation cases, most liability to pay the compensation falls within the ambit of the trucking companies and truck drivers.

How Soon After a Truck Accident Should You Connect with a Lawyer?

In Missouri, there is a limitation of three years to bring a truck accident claim to court. It means that you have to file an injury lawsuit within three years of the occurrence of the accident to be eligible for compensation. After the lapse of this three-year time period, you will lose the right to bring the claim. Therefore, it is essential to initiate a truck accident injury claim as soon as possible because it is a very lengthy process due to the possibility of multi-party involvement. It is recommended to consult a truck accident attorney as soon as you have recovered enough to be part of the legal process.  The longer you wait the harder it will get for a subsequent attorney to gather the relevant supporting evidence to strengthen your case. You will also need to weigh your legal options when your insurance company makes the compensation offer. Sometimes the offer made by the insurance company is even less than the minimum truck settlements offered through injury lawsuits, and you will need the expertise of an experienced truck accident attorney. 


To summarize, the injury toll is higher in truck accidents compared to car accidents. Therefore, determining the right amount of settlement for truck accidents is challenging. The average settlement for truck accidents varies for each case, and you will require the expertise of a seasoned truck accident attorney to help you out through the process. Whether it be negotiating with your insurance company or representing you in the injury lawsuit before the court, you will need the help of a great truck accident lawyer

If you or your loved one suffered an accident from an 18-wheeler truck or a semi-truck,

book a free consultation with our seasoned truck accident attorneys at Royce Injury to help you reach the settlement you deserve!

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