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What is the Most Common Forklift Accident? Understanding Forklift Crashes

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Forklift accidents are more common than you’d think. Lift truck accident statistics by the National Safety Council show that in 2021, out of 1,176,340 events, 7,290 were lift truck crashes in the USA. In this article, you will learn what is the most common type of lift truck accident, who is responsible if a forklift accident occurs, and how to deal with it in Kansas City. If you have been involved in a forklift crash, seek assistance from experienced Royce Injury Lawyers for expert guidance and support.

What Is a Lift Truck

A lift truck is a type of truck that is used to lift heavy industrial loads for transportation and moving things around. They are generally used at construction sites, warehouses, big storage rooms, factories, etc.

Types of Lift Trucks

There are several types of lift trucks. Some of them are as follows:

  • Side Loader lift truck 
  • Telehandler lift truck 
  • Heavy-Duty lift truck 
  • Walkie Stacker lift truck 
  • Counterbalance lift truck 
  • Order Picker lift trucker 
  • Pallet Jack lift trucker 

Most Common Forklift Accidents

Forklift driver accidents and forklift crashes are common at factories, warehouses, and work sites. The most common forklift accidents are:

  • Crashes: A forklift crash happens when a lift truck or forklift truck crashes into another vehicle. They are the most common forklift accidents.
  • Rollover: Some forklift trucks often topple or rollover due to weight. This can cause injuries to the operator.
  • Pedestrian Run-overs: Sometimes, the forklift truck can imbalance and run over the pedestrians on walkways or others on the road. 
  • Caught in-between: Forklift trucks have the highest risk of caught in-between accidents. Some of such accidents can even be fatal.

What is the Most Common Cause of a Forklift Accident? 

There are many causes of forklift accidents. Some of the most common causes of forklift accidents are:

  • Mechanical fault in forklift truck
  • Weather conditions
  • Forklift operators not equipped with proper training
  • Operator driving under the influence or speeding
  • Inadequate safety measures 
  • Limited visibility of the operator 

The Most Common Injuries Caused by a Forklift Accident

A forklift accident can be fatal because a forklift truck carries a heavy load, and without proper safety measures, a crash or collision of a forklift can be drastic for the operator or the other people in an accident. The most common injuries caused in a forklift accident are:

  • Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBIs)
  • Internal bleeding
  • Fracture of bones 
  • Impairment or amputation
  • Minor injuries like whiplash
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Joint dislocation
  • Organ damage
  • Psychological injuries 

What Are The Primary Causes Of Death In Forklift Accidents? 

The primary causes of death in forklift accidents are:

  • Trip overs: 42%
  • Crushed by forklift or another vehicle: 25%
  • Caught in-between: 11%
  • Run-overs: 10%
  • Falling objects: 8%
  • Falling from forklift platform: 4%

Who is Responsible if a Forklift Accident Occurs?

Forklift truck accidents are complex, and determining who is responsible in a forklift accident is not always so straightforward. Generally, you can bring an injury claim against:

  • Your employer i.e. company 
  • The governmental agencies that are responsible for regulating laws around forklift 
  • Insurance companies
  • Forklift manufacturers

It is important to understand who is liable to pay compensation to you for injuries. Workers’ compensation is available to operators who suffer injuries and wage loss due to a forklift accident at work.

What To Do After Being Injured In A Forklift Accident?

The first thing to do is seek medical attention. Make sure to inform your company/employer about the accident and keep a receipt of all medical bills, expenses, and evidence in a shareable format. This can be images, videos, CCTV footage of the accident, police reports, etc. Consult medical experts to get an estimation of the money you might have to spend on your current and future treatments. This will be a part of your compensation claim. 

How To File A Forklift Injury Claim?

To file a forklift injury claim, you have to provide proper evidence to prove the negligence of your employer in incorporating adequate workplace safety measures to avoid the accident. You will also need to prove that you have observed proper safety at the workplace. Establishing liability in a Forklift injury claim is a complex process as it involves many parties, including insurance companies, government agencies, forklift manufacturer companies, etc. It is recommended to consult an expert forklift accident lawyer to discuss and determine liable parties as well as a collection of relevant evidence and documents to support your claim. 

What Damages Can Be Recovered After a Lift Truck Accident?

Generally, you can claim and recover the following damages after a lift truck accident:

  • Medical expenses, bills, treatment, and medication expenditures: The claim can include money spent on medical treatment, which may include present or future medical expenses.
  • Psychological treatment expenses: Recovery from emotional, mental, and psychological problems resulting from the accident.
  • Mental torture and agony: Compensation can also be claimed for mental torture and agony caused to you.
  • Wage loss and financial hardships, disability compensation (if any): If the accident has left you disabled for life, the wage loss and financial compensation can also be claimed. 
  • Any other compensation court deems proper: Court also has the discretion to award any other damages it deems appropriate.


In a nutshell, it is important to determine who is responsible if a forklift accident occurs and what to do if you are injured enough forklift accident. You can recover financial, psychological, and physical damages from the liable party; however, it is essential to consult and experience a forklift truck accident lawyer to determine exactly how much compensation you should be claiming. If you have been in a lift truck or a forklift accident, our expert injury lawyers can help you win the compensation you deserve!

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